Warner Bros. Records Intern

As a marketing intern for Warner Bros. Records and Reprise under Warner Music Group.  I learn what really goes into a marketing plan for high-level rock stars. From tour management to streaming numbers I take in the full 360 of a rounded out marketing strategy for musicians. Having particular taken part in the launch of a solo album for a high-level musician, I have been lucky enough to be involved in the evolution of this project. Seeing the thought of a project develop from a digital EP to the release of a physical full length has been an incredible journey and learning moment in itself. Soaking in the everything I can I have learned what goes into the schedule to get vinyl to date and day, video production, fan engagement, social media campaigns, touring, publicity, and more.


Amber Hughes at WBR

Cheesing in front of a wall of legends

Responsibilities range from:
– Tracking fan feedback/engagement on social media and YouTube of artists and releases to create overall report given to SVP of marketing
– Pulling analytics including sales and streaming for artist marketing and management teams using MediaBase, Music Connect, Nielsen Soundscan, and Next Big Sound
– Monitoring artist timelines and updating budgets, reach numbers, peer artists, target audiences, release dates, streaming numbers, inventory/merch dates, and ticket sale dates on a daily basis
– Working on marketing initiatives for Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, Muse, Gerard Way, and The Regrettes
– Aiding the assistant in daily tasks including manning the phone, scheduling, restocking inventory, updating artist timelines, and transcribing meeting notes and press clippings

Additionally, I take part in the Warner Music Group branding committee for the WMG student program, #WMGStudents, where we work together to define the brand of the internship program for future candidates within WMG’s digital ecosystem. Check out my featured blog for the program as well cameos on our Instagram.

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