Micro Poodle Appreciation Post

A little off topic but I want to talk about it anyways. I can not stop thinking about micro poodles. One came into work a few weeks ago – that’s how long it’s been – and I’m still thinking of him. If you don’t know what I’m talking about feast your eyes on this.


Yes. That is:

100% a real dog

100% that size

100% cute


I have spent countless hours googling these dogs since I encountered the little guy. Flashback: the owner had told me they weigh less half a pound. ONE HALF of ONE pound. Incredible. Of course, in my manhunt for these dogs, the price has come up more than once. How much you ask? HA. Usually running anywhere from $5,5k – $7k. HA. With that said, let the pics ensure.

– – xo amber

P.S. – The little one I met was wearing a denim jacket. Swoon! I know, I’m melting your heart.

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